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JOSEPH BEUYS: Re-birth-day / Landing Strip for Souls

Aktion, 12.05.2021, 13:00 - 15:30 Uhr
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Celebrate Joseph Beuys' birthday with Shelley Sacks, hear about the 'landing strip for souls' and explore the re-birth of his ideas in us.

Join Shelley Sacks in this online event for Joseph Beuys' birthday...

To hear what Joseph Beuys once told me about a 'landing strip for souls' and the cooperators who are waiting to come in...

And to explore the re-birth of Beuys' ideas in us for a humane and living future based on consciousness, cooperation, and care.


Register on eventbrite to participate in Joseph Beuys' Re-birth-day event. You will receive a zoom link from eventbrite just before the event starts.


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